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What a disappointing concert!

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Have you been to an Al Green concert recently?
Were you as disappointed as I was?

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Here are the original 2003 concert stories:

Rose W. in Brooklyn, New York

Four of us went to see old Al at the Beacon Theatre in NYC a couple of weeks ago, at $60 a pop. We'd been looking forward to it for weeks. I'd been a big Al Green fan since I was a teenager, which is more years ago than I care to say.
Anyhow, Al sucked. His voice is still fantastic, but he wouldn't sing. He'd do a line or two from each song, then make the audience sing the rest. If I wanted to sing along, I would have stayed in my shower and saved some money. We all felt totally ripped off, and so did the rest of the audience. Anyone have an idea of what's up with Al???

All in Pennsylvania

I wasn't at the concert but was looking to when he might be performing in the area. After I heard comments from attendees of the NY show, I'm glad he isn't appearing here. What a rip-off, especially when he still has the voice we all grew up with.

George, in Scranton, Pennsylvania

I didn't see the concert but if Rose says Al sucked, then He undoubtedly Sucked! I personally think Al Green sucks whether he sang or not! Here's some of my theories: Maybe he never did sing his know, like those nilly vanilly guys....or maybe he's just fucking sick of singing but needs the bucks...Or maybe some terrorist threatened him.... "if you sing Al, we'll kill you"....which I could understand personally. Really makes no difference why he sucked .Fact is he sucks!

Leticia in Brooklyn, New York

I saw Al Green recently with several friends. Talk about disappointed. Al Green, the legend, was truly a let-down. You would think that when you spend $63 for a ticket you are in for one heck of a concert. What we got was an audience sing-a-long. In fact, when I think about it, if I were to estimate the total time Al sang, it would probably be about 15 minutes. Maybe 20. (He did sing one entire song. But even that was a duet.) Al still has an incredible voice when he chooses to use it. Nonetheless, if the concert at the Beacon Theater was an indication of what his concerts are usually like, his tickets are extremely overpriced. As for my attending future Al Green concerts.... all I can say is, "Been there done that. I'll pass."

Therese in Los Angeles, California

I am in the same boat as Rose. I spent $70 a pop for tickets, had great seats, and if it had not been for Michael McDonald, who opened for Al Green, I would have been more angry than I am. Michael McDonald was the only thing that redeemed the show, as he is an incredible singer and performer.
Al Green did very few songs, stopped singing in the middle of them and had his male background singer fill in when he dropped out, if he didn't have audience participation for the sing-a-long, etc. Had full camera on him as he stopped to drink water off to the side of the stage.
The rumors have been drug usage, alcohol usage, Alzheimers, etc. If Al Green cannot keep a show together on his own, then please, quit stealing our ticket money. Let him retire with some dignity and don't embarrass him or us with a bad performance.

Denice from Los Angeles, California

My friends and I went to see Al last year and actually he was wonderful. I had never seen him before, so we really enjoyed the concert. I do remember him doing the sing along, but generally he was very good. So, that's why recently I decided to take my friend for her birthday to see Al again. First of all, his show lasted about 45 minutes, if that, and his voice sounded like chalk on a board. What a disappointment!

Tim in Saratoga, California

Leticia and Rose in Brooklyn nailed it. I just saw Al Green in Saratoga, California. I really donít think Al Green sucks, but his show sure did. Letís seeÖhe was over 90 minutes late. When he finally graced us with his presence, he led us all in a sing-along for the next hour. I would agree with Leticia that the total time that singing actually came out of his mouth was no more than 15 minutes. He would sing a word or two, and then hold the microphone out to the crowd so they could finish it for him. I mean, every entertainer does this when they are giving a live performance; but every song?? People were completely bewildered if not stunned when they walked out of the venue.

Dexter Richardson in California

I have seen Al Green in concert three times. The first concert at the Wiltern in Los Angeles back in the late 80's was pretty good. But, the last two that I saw of him in the early 90's in Anaheim, CA were pathetic. He sang for just one hour (I read some where he claims he has a contract where he is supposed to sing for only fifty-five minutes). People were pissed after the concernt ended. One woman was in her 4 x 4 playing some old Al Green, and saying this is what he is supposed to sound like. After going to his last concert in the early 90's I said I will never go to another concert that he puts on. As a matter of fact, I took my girlfriend (who eventually became my wife) to see Al at the Anaheim concert, and was so disgusted, I actually wrote him a letter about his poor performance. My brother went to see him in the mid 90's up in New York or New Jersey, and said the show was horrible. It is really sad, because the Al Green name was synonymous with excellence both in recorded music, as well as concerts. In the 1970's people that I talked to would say that Al Green really put on a show. The interesting thing about Al Green is his 1990's-2000's voice is significantly inferior to the Al Green voice of the 1970's that I grew up listening to. I think perhaps that Al Green has reached a status (Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, music that is still selling from the 1970's, plenty of money, and his church) that he no longer has the desire or need to give himself fully to the people who pay to come and see him.




I have seen al green over a dozen times, in my life, and Iím no spring chicken. I saw him last year in Columbia and the year before that in Atlanta. I have never heard a voice like Alís. He was terrific!!!!!!!!!! Iíll pay any amount at any time to see Al.

Cindy Dominguez in LA California

I must agree, not that Al Green sucked but his show was a complete let down. He is my favorite singer of all time. My boyfriend spent almost $80 a pop last year for the show at the Greek in Los Angeles. Mr. McDonald sang longer than the main attraction. Al Green did have us sing-a-long, and I did notice something was definitely wrong with him, he looked incoherent and shaken. I was thinking about going to his concert again this year, but you just made me change my mind, I'll save my money and buy another of his CD's, it'll last longer anyway. Sorry Al, but you should take better care of your fans or just retire already.

Ed in California

I was surfing the web looking for when Al Green would be i my area so I could take my wife who has never seen an Al Green concert. I last saw Al more years ago than I care to remember and it was a great show, however based upon the current reviews I decided just to relive old memories.


I am 24 years old, and have enjoyed Al Green all my life. The memories of his songs being blarred as my mother cleans, cooks or does bills will always be happy thoughts. A new happy thought I can now look back on is seeing Al in Chicago at the HOB. He was amazing, I couldn't sit down, not even for one second. I believe I was the youngest person there, and people were amazed that I loved his music so much. For an old guy, he can still groove!


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